New Project in Viet Nam Expands PRIMEX Education Portfolio

(From L-R) Ms. Trinh Thi Anh Hoa (National Pro-Poor Education Specialist), Ms. Phan Thi Lac (National Gender and EM Specialist), Mr. Vu Anh Cuong (PPTA Project Director), Ms. Eiko Izawa (Senior Education Specialist, ADB), Ms. Elvira C. Ablaza (PRIMEX President and CEO), Ms. Dang Thi Thanh Huyen (National Education Quality Assessment and Control Specialist), Mr. Nguyen Anh Dzung (National Team Leader / Education Policy Planning and Administration Specialist), Mr. Le Quan Tan (National Procurement Specialist), and Mr. Ron Cammaert (International Team Leader / Education Policy Planning and ‎Administration Specialist)

PRIMEX is implementing its second education project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) project in Viet Nam as the international associate of lead firm, PM Group of Ireland. The PPTA will prepare the design of the Second Secondary Education Sector Development Program (SESDP II) for the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) of Viet Nam. Ms. Elvira C. Ablaza, PRIMEX President and CEO, flew to Hanoi to join the PPTA kick-off meeting on 30 June 2015. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Eiko Izawa, ADB Senior Education Specialist/Mission Leader, and attended by Mr. Vu Anh Cuong, Project Manager of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), and the PPTA Team led by Mr. Ronald Cammaert, Team Leader (PMG), and Dr. Nguyen Anh Dung, Deputy Team Leader (PRIMEX).

“We had a very productive meeting with the PPTA Team, and we are confident that we will deliver excellent results,” said Ms. Ablaza. “This project is important to us especially because it will contribute to the growth of our education portfolio in Viet Nam. We are 100% committed to its success,”

During the year-long implementation of the PPTA, from 18 June 2015 to 14 June 2016, the Consultant Team will review and assess the performance of the secondary education sub-sector in Viet Nam, identify key issues and challenges, and draft a sector development program consisting of an investment component and a  policy component for ADB financing. In addition to Dr. Dung, the other specialists to be fielded by PRIMEX in this PPTA are: Dr. Cary Trexler (Education Quality Assessment and Control Specialist), Ms. Ester Felix (Gender and Ethnic Minority Specialist), Dr. Jerome F. Sison (Education Economist/Financial Analyst), Mr. Michel Latendresse (Procurement Specialist), Mr. Ha Minh Duc (National Education Economist/Financial Analyst), and Mr. Bui Van Thanh (TA Office Manager).