PRIMEX’s first education project in Viet Nam commended for high-quality output

education vietnamPRIMEX just completed its first education sector assignment in Viet Nam with ADB’s acceptance of its Final Report for the Project Preparatory Technical Assistance (PPTA) for the Second Lower Secondary Education for Most Disadvantaged Areas in Viet Nam. The PPTA was implemented by a team of international and national consultants fielded by PRIMEX and its associate, the PM Group of Ireland. Dr. Jerome Sison, PRIMEX Director/Corporate Treasurer, was the international Education Economist of the Consultant Team. The PPTA prepared the design of an investment project that is envisioned to expand educational opportunities for ethnic minorities living in disadvantaged areas, improve the quality and relevance of lower secondary education as well as education infrastructure and facilities in these areas, and provide disaster management education in the central coastal areas of the country. The project will be implemented in 135 districts in the northern midlands and mountains, central highlands, Mekong River delta, and north central and central coastal areas. Negotiations between ADB and the Government of Viet Nam for the proposed Loan for the Second Lower Secondary Education for Most Disadvantaged Areas Project (LSEMDAP II) were successfully concluded in September 2014, and the proposed Loan is scheduled for Board discussion in November 2014. Mr. Jim McNelis, Director for International Consultancy Projects of the PM Group, in an email to Ms. Elvira C. Ablaza, PRIMEX President and CEO, congratulated PRIMEX for the timely completion of the PPTA and the excellent quality of the reports prepared by the Consultant Team.

He said, “On behalf of PM Group, I would especially like to thank you for your huge investment of time, effort, and talent in leading, guiding, and driving this PPTA to a very successful conclusion.”
In her reply, Ms. Ablaza, who also served as PRIMEX Project Director, said that PRIMEX and PM Group owe Ms Eiko Izawa, ADB Senior Education Specialist, a debt of gratitude for her leadership, guidance, and full engagement with the Consultant Team throughout the entire PPTA implementation period. She also appreciated the all-out support and cooperation provided by the TA Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) led by Dr. Dao Ngoc Nam, Project Director. She concluded by saying that, “Despite some glitches and some challenging moments, we have been able to pull through and, I would like to think, with flying colors.”  ]]>