What We Do

Suite of Services
PRIMEX extends professional advice and assistance to public and private sector clients in all aspects of the Project Cycle–from project identification, conceptualization, and preparation to detailed engineering design, construction supervision and project management, and project evaluation and impact assessment.

Our services include the following:

  • Project Management

    PRIMEX has supported ADB and government executing and implementing agencies (EAs/Ias) in the implementation and management of projects in various sectors such as agriculture and rural development, including irrigation and water resources management. The project management and implementation services provided by PRIMEX to government clients EAs/IAs and ADB include project planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation [M&E], procurement and contract management, financial management, and reporting in addition to the provision of advice and assistance in the technical aspects of the project. In the last decade, PRIMEX has been the Lead Firm or JV Partner in several loan or grant implementation consultancy contracts with government agencies and ADB in the Philippines and overseas.

  • Project Preparation

    PRIMEX has extensive experience in the preparation of development projects proposed by ADB developing member countries (DMCs) for loan or grant financing. In the last 33 years, PRIMEX has led or participated in the implementation of ADB transaction technical assistance (TRTA) projects (previously referred to as project preparatory TAs [PPTAs]) across sectors, including health and social services. In these projects, PRIMEX consultant teams or individual consultants led or participated in preparing the design of proposed projects or programs for possible loan or grant financing  by ADB, based on agreed design and monitoring framework (DMF); performed technical, economic, financial, and governance due diligence; prepared the appropriate environmental and social safeguards (including gender, resettlement [IR], and indigenous peoples [IP]); and assisted in the preparation of loan documentation. PRIMEX has decades of experience in the preparation of feasibility studies, business cases, and sustainable master plans.

  • Preparation of Detailed Engineering Designs and Construction Supervision

    PRIMEX has participated in the detailed design and construction supervision (DD/CS) stages of a variety of infrastructure development projects financed by multilateral and bilateral agencies in a number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In  these projects, PRIMEX was/is mainly responsible for environmental and social safeguards monitoring and secondarily, for the provision of design engineers or construction supervisors, as the case may be, and technical support personnel (e.g., quantity and cost estimators, CADD operators, and site engineers). PRIMEX has also served as Independent Consultant (IC) during the DD/CS stages of projects to ensure that detailed design or construction work is performed according to professional standards and meets the technical specifications.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

    PRIMEX possesses a wealth of experience in the conduct of monitoring and evaluation through the use of participatory rural appraisal (PRA) techniques, including rapid social assessment, household surveys, multisectoral consultations, key informant interviews (KIIs), and focus group discussions (FGDs), and at the local, regional, or national levels. PRIMEX has designed, developed, and implemented computerized M&E systems for various, government-funded or donor-supported projects in the Philippines and overseas. PRIMEX has also carried out baseline, midterm, and end line surveys of ongoing projects, as well as impact evaluation studies intended to assess the benefits and impacts of projects after completion.

  • Training and Capacity Building

    PRIMEX has implemented a number of ADB capacity development technical assistance (CDTA) projects specifically intended to build the capacity of concerned government institutions or project beneficiaries through the conduct of various training programs and the organization of training workshops, seminars, and study tours.

  • Knowledge Management

    PRIMEX’s experience in knowledge management covers the following areas: (i) developing knowledge products and solutions that clients need; (ii) conceptualizing and organizing knowledge sharing events that connect people and increase collaboration, and (iii) strengthening the capacity of stakeholders to manage their knowledge.

    PRIMEX is well-versed in using processes to capture explicit and tacit knowledge from people and organizations and converting it into various knowledge products that promote learning and improve action. In the last decade, PRIMEX has been involved in both short- and long-term national and regional projects where the consultant team produced diverse technical and popularized knowledge products in collaboration with communities, and local and international experts. Examples of the items developed by PRIMEX include technical reports, manuals, handbooks, and studies for practitioners and government stakeholders to popularize educational materials for social media and community outreach purposes (e.g., videos, blogs, posters, photo books, newsletters, children’s storybook, etc.).  Even after these projects end, several of the knowledge products developed by the consultant team continue to be requested by other organizations and partners. Most of them are stored in online repositories such as websites of the funding agencies, which make them more accessible to a wider audience.

  • Organization of International and Regional Workshops and Conferences

    PRIMEX possesses a wealth of experience in the organization and management of workshops and conferences at the local, national, and international levels either as key activities of projects. As the adoption of participatory, consultative approach to project planning and implementation is a standard feature of PRIMEX’s engagements, most of our have involved the organization and conduct of multi-stakeholder workshops at national and local levels at the different stages of project implementation (e.g., Inception Workshop, Midterm Workshop, Final Workshop). In most of the ADB RETAs that we have implemented, workshops included national or in-country workshops plus regional workshops. In the case of TA 6305-REG: Strengthening Epidemiological Surveillance of Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, we organized an International Conference on EIDs in addition to a series of regional workshops with participants from the three countries as well as national workshops in each country. For these workshops, PRIMEX prepared the workshop and conference reports for dissemination to concerned government agencies, development partners, and other participants.