PRIMEX ranked as ADB’s No. 1 Philippine consulting firm for 2011-2015

ADB Fact Sheet 2016

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) ranked PRIMEX as the number one Philippines-registered consulting firm for the period, 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2015.

The ranking was based on cumulative technical assistance (TA) and loan implementation contracts awarded to PRIMEX in the last five years. These contracts were in three sectors: agriculture and natural resource management, education, and health.

ADB published the results in its Member Fact Sheet released on 25 April 2016.

“We have been No. 1 for ADB technical assistance projects but this is the first time that we were ranked first for combined technical assistance and loan contracts. It is really something to be proud of,” said PRIMEX President and CEO Elvira C. Ablaza.

Since 2004, PRIMEX has consistently placed among the top three Philippine consulting firms doing business with ADB in terms of volume and value of technical assistance contracts. To date, it has managed 290 projects in 32 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr. Guillermo L. Morales, PRIMEX Executive Vice President, noted that PRIMEX’s growth in the three aforementioned was part of the company’s strategy to diversify its portfolio of projects.

“This achievement is a result of the company’s purposeful effort to diversify. PRIMEX worked hard to expand to other sectors outside its core strength, which is natural resources and environment sector. We explored outside our traditional markets and our efforts have started to pay off.”

Guillermo L. Morales, PRIMEX Executive Vice President

Since 2012, PRIMEX has ventured into new sectors (such as education and infrastructure development) and has acquired more projects in countries where it has done some previous work (such as Cambodia and Viet Nam).

Ms. Ablaza said, “Now that we have achieved the No. 1 position among Philippine consulting firms doing business with ADB, we will have to work even harder to remain on top in the years to come.”

ADB Member Fact Sheets are published annually and they contain concise information on the Bank’s member economies as well as a summary of the most recent and current ADB-assisted programs. It also lists challenges and future directions in the member economy.