Participants Applaud PRIMEX President and CEO at the 10th ADB Business Opportunities Fair

Over a thousand participants from 59 different countries applauded PRIMEX President and CEO Elvira C. Ablaza during her participation at the High-level Panel Discussion on Doing Business with ADB at the 10th ADB BOF held at the ADB Headquarters in Mandaluyong City on 27-28 March 2019.

“We became an international firm because some international firms believed in us as a small company. We have only 30 regular staff and are woman–led and 100% Filipino. That is a source of pride for us.”

Elvira C. Ablaza, PRIMEX President and CEO

The participants gave her a round of applause in admiration.

Ms. Ablaza was the only panelist representing a top-performing firm in an ADB developing member country (DMC). The other panelists were from Australia, Canada, Finland, France, and the USA. ADB was represented on the Panel by Mr. Ashraf Mohammed, Deputy Director General of ADB’s Procurement, Portfolio, and Financial Management Department (PPFD).

During the discussion, the panel shared their experiences and knowledge in doing business with ADB. Moreover, the panel provided their insights on ADB’s new Procurement Framework and how ADB’s Strategy 2030 may change the types of opportunities available and the ways that ADB engages with its partners.

“For me, Strategy 2030 is a welcome change because rural development and food security, as well as health and education are back as major sector priorities of ADB, and these are our strong areas,” said Ms. Ablaza.

PRIMEX was ranked as the No. 1 Philippines-registered consulting company involved in contracts under ADB loans, grants, and technical assistance projects from 2013-2017.