PRIMEX Bags Prestigious Business Award

apac award

APAC Business Insider Awards recognized PRIMEX as the Best Full-Service Management Consultancy in 2016. APAC, which is based in the United Kingdom, rewarded the best firms, departments, individuals, and initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region. The award celebrated their innovation, client care, and performance over the past 12 months. PRIMEX President and CEO Elvira C. Ablaza is very proud of this achievement, which affirmed the company’s commitment to quality and excellence.

“Being evaluated as one of the best in the Asia-Pacific region is a significant accomplishment for PRIMEX, considering that we are a boutique consulting firm in an industry dominated by large developed country consulting companies. The passion, tireless dedication, and high level of professionalism of our management and staff have enabled PRIMEX to be what it is today. This award inspires us to continue to deliver world-class service to our clients in the years to come.”

Elvira C. Ablaza, PRIMEX President and CEO

Since its inception in 1989, PRIMEX has done work in 33 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, perhaps the only Philippine consulting firm with such a wide geographical reach. Over the period, January 2010–December 2015, PRIMEX was the No. 1 Philippines-registered consulting firm doing business with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in terms of the total value of  consulting services contracts funded under ADB loans, grants, and technical assistance projects.

cover photo: PRIMEX staff surround President and CEO Ms. Elvira C. Ablaza (seated, 3rd from right) as she proudly shows the APAC award given to PRIMEX as the Best Full-Service Management Consultancy in 2016. Beside her are Engr. Estelita Y. Gutierrez (3rd from left), Senior Vice President and Leo R. Pura (2nd from right), Vice President for Technical Services, and Donald E. Loyloy (2nd from left), Vice President for Finance and Administration.