PRIMEX Marks 34th Year in Business

On the 34th Founding Anniversary of PRIMEX on 7 August 2023, Mr. Ryohei Ishii, PRIMEX Chairman and President, bared his planned restructuring of the company’s organization.

He said, “In view of the current and projected increase in the volume of work of the Business Development Division and the Project Operations Division, as well as the need for both divisions to hire additional personnel to cope with the significant increase in their respective workloads, these two divisions shall be upgraded into departments, each to be headed by a Vice-President, effective 1 September 2023.” The Finance and Administration Department is the third department in the PRIMEX organization.

Chairman Ishii then announced the promotion of Ms. Ana Baluyut from Senior Manager, Business Development Division, to Vice President, Business Development Department and of Mr. Nestor Escara from Senior Manager, Project Operations Division, to Vice President, Project Operations Department.  In addition, Ms. Rutchel Macasa will be promoted to Senior Manager for Project Operations and Ms. Kathrina Cada-Garcia to Senior Manager for Finance and Administration.

Chairman Ishii also thanked all the staff for their hard work and dedication to their tasks and congratulated everyone for their ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’ performance in last personnel evaluation period.