DPWH awards FS/DD Contract for Roads and Bridges under the Mindanao Road Sector Project to OCG-KECC-PRIMEX JV the by DPWH

The Joint Venture (JV) of Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. (OCG) (Lead Partner), Pacific Rim Innovation and Management Exponents, Inc. (PRIMEX), and Korean Engineering Consultants Corp. (KECC) was awarded the contract for the Feasibility Studies and Detailed Engineering Design (FS/DD) of Roads and Bridges under ADB Loan No. 3631-PHI: Improving Growth Corridors in Mindanao Road Sector Project [IGCMRSP]) in November 2022.

Project Kick-Off and Coordination Meeting Held At DPWH On 15-16 December 2022

The project will improve an estimated 300 kilometers (km) of national roads with bridges in Mindanao. The improvements will include paving of earth roads, replacing damaged road sections, widening existing roads, adding surface overlays, and replacing and strengthening bridges. The project supports the Government of the Philippines’ priorities for the improvement of the country’s road network and development of Mindanao. Overall, the project aims to contribute to Mindanao’s economic growth and address inadequacies in rural infrastructure, poor institutional systems and boost the private sector’s confidence, and correct misconceptions about the region’s civil unrest.

PRIMEX is providing a team of international and national specialists to assist in conducting feasibility studies and preparing detailed engineering designs for the improvement of national roads and bridges comprising eight subprojects in Mindanao. The PRIMEX team is composed of the following: (i) international and national Environment Specialists; (ii) international and national Resettlement Specialists; (iii) international and national Social Development and Gender Specialists; (iv) international Contract/ Procurement Specialist; (v) national Bridge/Structural Engineers; (vi) national Geologist; (vi) Senior Surveyors; (vii) Geodetic Engineer; (viii) Road Safety Engineer; and (ix) CAD Operators.

“This Mindanao Road Sector Project is PRIMEX’s largest road infrastructure project to date, and I am very pleased that PRIMEX was able to provide several highly qualified international and national consultants, whose qualifications and experience definitely contributed to the success of OC Global’s bid for this contract,” said Mr. Ryohei Ishii, PRIMEX Chairman and President. He added, “I am confident that PRIMEX can look forward to similar opportunities in the transport sector in the Philippines and in other countries in the region where OC Global has a large presence.”