PRIMEX Celebrates 33 Years of Excellence and Honors Loyal Employees

This year, the Pacific Rim Innovation and Management Exponents, Inc. (PRIMEX), an Oriental Consultants Global (OCG) group member, celebrates 33 years of excellence in the management consulting industry in partnership with both private and public sector clients in the Philippines and overseas. PRIMEX was founded on August 7, 1989, by Ms. Elvira C. Ablaza, PRIMEX Founder, Director, and Senior Adviser, and four other directors. PRIMEX is a highly reputable Filipino firm and continuously provides innovative solutions in the sectors of agriculture and natural resources, rural development, health, education, transport, water and other urban and infrastructure services, and climate change and disaster risk reduction management.

The 33rd Anniversary celebration was held on 8th August 2022. Mr. Nestor P. Escara, Manager for Project Operations Division was the master of ceremonies.  The anniversary dinner was attended by PRIMEX management, staff, consultants, as well as special guests from Oriental Consultants Philippines (OCP).

As PRIMEX  celebrates 33 years of excellence, 3 staff members were recognized for their 10 years of excellence in service. These staff members included Ms. Rutchel A. Macasa (Manager, Project Operations Division), Ms. Jo Ann V. Ativo (Assistant Manager, Business Development Division) and Mr. Julius O. Colibao (Senior Technical Services Officer). Mr. George S. Castaneda was recognized for his 15 years of service. PRIMEX Chairman and President Ryohei Ishii and Director and Senior Adviser Elvira C. Ablaza presented the recipients with plaques honoring their years of service.

I would like to share that for me, working at PRIMEX is such a wonderful blessing because when I look back 10 years ago, I could say that I’ve advanced a lot professionally and personally. I’ve gained enough knowledge and skills and wisdom that greatly helped in fulfilling my duties and responsibilities, not to mention the financial growth. All thanks to the kindness and generosity of the PRIMEX founder, Ma’am Vi, which I’m sure my colleagues and fellow awardees would agree as well.

Ms. Rutchel A. Macasa
Manager, Project Operations Division