Technical Advisory Services On The Piloting of Activities for The Preparation of Country Programmes and Related Processes

Name of Client:
Green Climate Fund (GCF) Country:
Philippines Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date: 1 June 2019
Completion Date: 31 August 202 Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The project aimed to review and update the draft Philippine Country Programme (PCP) for submission to GCF for funding. The updating of the PCP involved the conduct of a desk review and a series of consultations with a wide range of stakeholders across a wide range of sectors, led by the Philippine Climate Change Commission (CCC) and supported by the PRIMEX Team.

PRIMEX fielded a Climate Scientist and a Climate Change Economist to carry out a comprehensive review and updating of the GCF PCP. Specifically, the consultants performed the following tasks: (i) review of the Philippine Draft PCP vis-à-vis the GCF CP Guidelines and identification of sections of the draft CP that needed strengthening in terms of the scientific basis or rationale for the PCP, e.g., climate risk profile, vulnerability assessment; (ii) revisiting and revision of the selection criteria used in the identification of 4-5 high-priority projects for inclusion in the GCF funding pipeline for the Philippines and revision of the project listing based on the revised selection criteria in consultation with the CCC; (iii) performing diagnostics to understand the quality and status of macroeconomic climate risk profiling and finance mapping and, strengthening or enhancing the Philippine macroeconomic climate risk profile and finance mapping in the existing draft CP; (iv) streamlining and enhancing the draft PCP, including the presentation of the final document for submission to GCF; (v) provision of inputs to the CCC in the organization of the multi-stakeholder Validation Workshop, where the revised PCP was presented prior to its finalization and submission to GCF.

In the process of updating the PCP, the PRIMEX Team produced a number of technical reports that were submitted to GCF. These were the following: (i) Diagnostic Assessment and Statement of Work; (ii) Formulation of the Prioritization and Scoring Method (PSM), which prioritized climate change project proposals and generated a project portfolio consisting of the Top 5 Projects for submission to the GCF; (iii) Testing the Applicability of the PSM: Final PSM; (iv) Application of the PSM to Project Proposals and Concept Notes in the Philippine Country Programme: Ranking of Priority List of Projects in the Philippine Country Programme; (v) Finance Mapping Report, which listed the sources of climate change in the Philippines and financing needs of proposed GCF projects in the Philippines and contained estimates of the financing gap based on the available funding sources; and (vi) Final Technical Review Report.