TA-9951 INO: Supporting Water Security Investments Facility (SUBPROJECT 4) – Preparation of Infrastructure Improvement for Shrimp Aquaculture Project (52152-007)

Name of Client:
Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date: 01 September 2021
Completion Date: 30 September 2022

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The Infrastructure Improvement for Shrimp Aquaculture Project (IISAP) will help the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) in introducing environmentally sustainable shrimp aquaculture and improving transparency, traceability, and reporting processes towards increased productivity, quality, and profitability of smallholder shrimp farming. The project will deliver an integrated investment addressing upstream, production, and downstream processes through infrastructure, support to improve farming practices and post-harvest systems, and value chain strengthening. The project will deliver three outputs: (i) Output 1: quality and sustainable inputs production increased; (ii) Output 2: sustainable aquaculture infrastructure and services developed; and (iii) Output 3: shrimp aquaculture value chain strengthened.

Engaged by ADB, PRIMEX provided the services of an International Shrimp Aquaculture Development Specialist/Team Leader who supported the executing agency in the implementation of the technical assistance to arrive at a detailed design for a full investment project, in line with the government's policy and strategies and ADB requirements, including scope, targeting, cost estimates, financing plan, implementation arrangements, monitoring, evaluation and reporting, economic, financial, social and environmental analysis, sector and thematic assessments, due diligence, and risk and mitigation measures. This includes, but was not limited to, performance targets and indicators; external assistance to the sector and lessons learned; design and monitoring framework; project outputs and description; detailed project cost estimates; implementation arrangements and schedule; indicative procurement packaging and draft procurement plans; staffing; terms of reference for consulting services; project impacts benefits and risks; and project performance monitoring system; preparation of a project administration manual (PAM) and operations manuals; providing inputs to the Report and Recommendation to the President for the ensuing project; review outputs of the consulting team and ensure timely achievement of all milestone activities; prepare regular monthly reports discussing the progress of project preparation to be submitted to ADB and the government; develop a project roll-out plan for the project, and complete any other tasks as may be reasonably requested by ADB or government.

Specifically, the Shrimp Aquaculture Development Specialist/ Team Leader was tasked to (i) review consultant reports for quality and consistency with the work plan to address the critical technical gaps; (ii) assist in completing the feasibility study report as a technical backup to meet the government request and requirements; (iii) lead in the preparation of the PAM; and(iv) provide implementation startup support. These will ensure that (a) proper ADB Board documents are prepared and technical revisions are made during the loan processing; (b) the feasibility study report is harmonized and technically consistent with the report and recommendation of the President and its linked documents, and (c) disbursement is expedited, and (v) prepare the detailed sector assessment and thematic reports for the proposed project.

The specialist was responsible for overall coordination, quality control, and consolidation of input from the entire team and ensured that all project documentation was prepared in close consultation with key government counterparts, beneficiaries, partners, and other key stakeholders. The specialist planned the TRTA, led and coordinated the activities of the team, and consolidated all the inputs from the team to report to ADB and the government.