TA-6825 BAN: Updating The Revised Strategic Transporat Plan (RSTP) for Dhaka (54451-001)

Name of Client:
Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date: 15 June 2022
Completion Date: 30 November 2024

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The government formulated the RSTP in 2016 as an urban transport master plan for Dhaka with a 20-year planning horizon through support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency. The RSTP identifies six distinct public transport corridors with high passenger traffic demand to connect Dhaka’s central business district with surrounding satellite regional centers. To accommodate the projected high demand, the RSTP proposes five MRT lines and two bus rapid transit (BRT) lines be completed by 2035 along those corridors. While the RSTP has provided a clear vision for the transport sector through the development of MRTs, it has started to reveal its limitation 5 years into its implementation. First, its baseline survey data and information have gradually become outdated. The priority project list also requires updating as various agencies plan new projects, some of which may not be fully consistent with the current RSTP guiding policies or priorities. Second, the RSTP has limited considerations for multimodal integration, which is crucial for improving the efficiency of the overall urban transport network. Connectivity between intracity and intercity public transport services should also be given more attention to help disperse Dhaka’s population to adjacent regional centers. Third, the RSTP is heavily focused on physical infrastructure solutions and lacks strong proposals for effective short-term measures to manage or control traffic demand. It also fails to offer a concrete policy and analysis of opportunities for transit-oriented development and value capture financing as tools for sustainable infrastructure financing and for promoting integrated land and transport planning, or in-depth analysis on public–private partnerships. In this regard, the ADB was requested by the Government of Bangladesh to assist in updating the RSTP to accommodate the rapid changes that have taken place in Dhaka since 2016. Currently, a knowledge and support technical assistance (KSTA) is being proposed by ADB. The Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) under the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges (MORTB) will be the executing agency of the KSTA. The KSTA will aim to maintain the framework, target area, and methodology of the existing RTSP in principle.

PRIMEX fielded two consultants, namely, International Environmental Safeguard Expert and International Construction Planning/Cost Estimate and/or Procurement Expert. The International Safeguard Expert will: (i) review all the relevant laws, regulations, reports, studies, etc. to understand the key environmental safeguard issues in the planning area; (ii) based on the above, as well as referred to the ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement (2009) as needed, assist in developing the screening criteria for selection of priority projects from the environmental safeguard perspectives, as well as evaluating and preparing action plans for, priority projects; and (iii) assist in developing necessary capacity developing program for the DTCA. While the International Construction Planning Cost Estimate and/or Procurement Expert, is required to provide inputs for the following tasks: (i) assess the proposed bus terminal and depot project of the DTCA; (ii) update the project list; (iii) evaluate the proposed and/or identified projects and update the priority project list; (iv) prepare action plans for priority projects; and (v) develop output requirements and priority project.