TA 54118-002-PRC: Strengthening Health Security in The People’s Republic of China Project – Senior Public Health Specialist – Senior Public Health Specialist Deputy Team Leader

Name of Client:
Peoples Republic of China (PRC)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date: 15 July 2021
Completion Date: 31 December 2022

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

Emerging infectious diseases (EID) continue to be a significant public health concern and cause for considerable socioeconomic issue in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 outbreak has led to PRC’s renewed interest on the development of focused preparedness and response program for longer-term health security. Preventing future outbreaks in EID hotspots such as the PRC is an important investment. The PRC, through the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), has requested the Asian Development Bank (ADB) support for an investment project to strengthen health security in the country. The project is expected to improve the management of epidemics of infectious diseases and other health hazards.

Engaged by ADB, PRIMEX provided the service of the Senior Public Health Specialist who will serve as Deputy Team Leader and will work in collaboration with the other members of the consultant team to ensure completion of required project documentation. The consultant will lead the health system assessment, project scoping and development of project outputs. The team will be responsible for project preparation and initiation of project start-up arrangements, specifically: (i) prepare feasibility studies for the project outputs and activities; (ii) conduct due diligence for the project to ensure compliance with ADB policies and requirements; (iii) prepare detailed project design and required project documents; (iv) build project management capacity of the executing and implementing agencies; and (v) provide other services as necessary to prepare the project.

Specifically, the Senior Public Health Specialist/Deputy Team Leader is tasked to: (i) undertake health sector assessment, particularly health sector strategy, health sector performance, and the general health sector capacity for health security; (ii) conduct health system assessment covering: (a) preparedness and response capabilities for health security threats; (b) coordination and collaboration mechanisms with other sectors; (c) legislation, policy and governance, and (d) strengthening of capacities and resources to better anticipate and quickly respond to identified health security threats; (iii) assess gaps in core capacities in the health care (iv) provide detailed recommendations on: (a) strengthening infection prevention and control capacities in health care setting; (b) improving referral system to mobilize all levels of health care during public health emergencies; and (c) piloting innovative technology solutions to facilitate disease prevention, detection, and response; (v) together with key stakeholders and other consultants, recommend criteria for the selection of hospitals and other health facilities to undergo rehabilitation to be able to cope with epidemics and public health emergencies; (vi) provide specific recommendations on: (a) policies, standards, and guidelines for EIDs and other public health hazards; (b) comprehensive prevention, control, and response plans; and (c) governance and collaboration mechanisms including with non-health sectors; (vii) provide recommendations on the enhancement of: (a) preparedness plans including continuity of essential services, risk communication and community engagement, and emergency response including surge staff deployment and procurement of essential supplies; (b) disease surveillance and response system to quickly identify EIDs and minimize their spread; (c) laboratory capacity including biosecurity system, referral networks and arrangement with international reference laboratory, and standard developing procedures; and (d) national interoperable electronic reporting system to facilitate timely reporting and quick response; (viii) develop a plan on: (a) capacity building training for public health staff including international exchange program; (b) partnership with academic and specialized agencies in strengthening public health professional education and setting quality standards in public health curriculum; and (c) regional cooperation platform to host regular technical forums and continuing education; (ix) help review plans for the rehabilitation of health facilities and proposed list of medical equipment and technical specifications; (x) provide final inputs to the DMF, and prepare a monitoring and evaluation plan; (xi) explore health system elements that have important functions in the wider health sector such as equitable access to health care services and long-term health needs of key population groups that can be considered for future investments; (xii) prepare the inception report, interim report, and final report detailing the above items; and (xiii) undertake related tasks that may be required by ADB and government counterparts.