Sustainable Infrastructure Assistance Program, Indonesia: Technical Assistance Cluster (TAC) Management Facility (TA 8484-INO): Subproject 1

Name of Client:
Asian Development Bank (ADB) / National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date:  12 January 2015
Completion Date:  31 August 2015

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The technical assistance cluster (TAC) supported the government’s efforts to meet its development goals by improving the investment climate, associated policies, and institutional capacity, for infrastructure development. The TAC supported identified projects by enhancing project preparedness and developing local capacity for improved project implementation.

The expected impact was increased infrastructure investments in the energy, transport, WSS, and urban services sectors to sustain economic growth and poverty reduction. The TAC outcome was improved project readiness and development of a set of bankable projects in the energy, transport, WSS, and urban services sectors.

PRIMEX provided the services of four senior specialists. Their tasks in the team were as follows: Hydrogeologist: Reviewed, updated, and improved geo-technical surveys of candidate sub-projects to ensure that water resources were sustainable over the life of the investments; defined minimum standards and quality requirements of surveys that could be used to select future subprojects; and assisted counterpart staff in improving their capacity to prepare and review surveys.

Environmental Expert: Ensured that environmental issues were appropriately included into project development and prepared documentation required for loan processing, including relevant sections of the RRP and the required linked documents such as IEEs.

Social Development/Gender Expert: Provided a detailed socio-economic, gender, and ethnic minority analysis of the proposed project and subprojects, developed appropriate community mobilization and awareness campaigns, designed and carried out a willingness to pay survey, and prepared relevant sections of the RRP and the required linked documents, such as summary poverty reduction and social strategy (SPRSS) and Gender Action Plan (GAP).

Resettlement Expert: Ensured that land acquisition and resettlement issues were appropriately assessed and included into project development, and prepared documentation (resettlement plan as applicable) required for loan processing, including relevant sections of the RRP; and ensured that activities and documents relate effectively to the activities and studies/surveys to be carried out/prepared by the Social Development Specialist (such as vulnerability assessments, focus group discussions, household surveys, gender analysis, and ethnic minority assessment, etc.).