Support for Human and Social Development in Southeast Asia (TA-9723 REG): Preparing the Quality of Health Care Project (QHCP)

Name of Client:
Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date:  15 December 2019
Completion Date:  31 October 2020

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The project is prepared by a transactional technical assistance (TRTA), supported from various resources within ADB. The TRTA included: (i) the technical viability, sustainability, and appropriateness of the proposed project design; (ii) economic and financial viability and sustainability of project outputs; (iii) gender analysis and development of gender action plan and gender mainstreaming design features; (iv) review of any impacts on environment, involuntary resettlement, and indigenous peoples; (v) procurement risk assessment and procurement design; (vi) assessment of financial management, and development of a detailed financing plan; and (vii) governance and anticorruption, policy and legal capacity, and other institutional issues and mechanism assessment, particularly at decentralized level.

PRIMEX fielded the services of seven International Consultants composed of a Health Human Resources Specialist/Team Leader, a Health Economist, a Gender Specialist, a Financial Management Specialist, an Environmental Safeguard Specialist, a Procurement Specialist, and a Social Safeguard Specialist; two National Consultants composed of a Procurement Specialist and a Financial Management Specialist. The consultant team main tasks included: (i) conduct sector and subsector analysis; (ii) develop a strategic roadmap for QHC improvement in Lao PDR based on existing policies, regulations, and development; (iii) help prioritize and identify project components for the ensuing loan project and develop a detailed investment plan; (iv) determine the feasibility of the proposed investments for priority infrastructure construction and improvements; (v) prepare an institutional capacity strengthening and public awareness programs; (vi) collect sex-disaggregated data, conduct a gender analysis and develop gender action plan and other gender-related due diligence documents (as outlined in the TORs); and (vii) conduct environmental, involuntary resettlement and indigenous people due diligence and develop impact and risk assessment and mitigation plans.