Study on Distribution Mechanism Reform through Development of Wholesale Market: Improvement of Postharvest Handling and Marketing Facilities in Indonesia

Name of Client:
Japan International Cooperating Agency (JICA)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date: 25 February 2011
Completion Date: 30 September 2011

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The Study assisted the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in (GOI) in formulating a project to reform its domestic fish distribution through the development of a wholesale fish market, including the improvement of postharvest handling and marketing facilities, in conformity with the Scope of Work signed between the Directorate General of Fisheries Product Processing and Marketing of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and JICA on 17 December 2010. To formulate the project, this study (i) analyzed the current situation of fish handling, distribution, and marketing, traffic, and natural conditions at the Nizam Zachman Oceanic Fishing Port in Jakarta, also known as the Jakarta Fishing Port (JFP) and its surrounding areas; and (ii) conducted technical transfer to Indonesian counterparts in market development and improvement of fish handling, distribution, and marketing. The key output of the study was a Feasibility Study Report containing the findings and recommendations of the evaluation of the marketing, technical and engineering, and financial and economic viability of the proposed project as well as the assessment of its potential environmental and social impacts.

PRIMEX fielded an Economic and Financial Analyst to undertake the following tasks: (i) review and analysis of the current situation and issues on financial management capabilities of operating and managerial organizations (PERUM, UPT, DKI) of the existing wholesale market; (ii) recommendation of appropriate measures and systems for improving financial management capability; (iii) preparation of Project Design Matrix (PDM or logframe) including the indicators for operational effects of the Project; (iv) evaluation of qualitative effects of the Project; (v) calculation of economic and financial internal rates of return (EIRR/FIRR), and conduct of sensitivity analysis based on the assumptions and values given by the respective members of the Team: (vi) preparation of Progress Report and presentation to the Indonesian side; (vii) preparation of Draft Final Report; (viii) presentation and discussion on the contents of the Draft Final Report; and (ix) preparation of Final Report. PRIMEX also provided the services of a Technical Editor who was responsible for editing and formatting of all the reports required by JICA, including an inception report, progress report, draft final report, and final report.