PRSC-C91573 (PHI): Climate Change Implementation Plan (CCIP)

Name of Client:
Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Pacific Region

Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date: 1 June 2009
Completion Date: 31 July 2009

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

As a major development partner of the Pacific developing member countries (PDMCs), ADB is committed not only to providing increased financial and technical support for measures that would ensure continued economic growth in the face of climate change, but also to facilitate the countries’ access to various financing  facilities for climate change. Following the formulation of the Pacific Climate Change Implementation Plan (CCIP) in close consultation with the PDMC governments and other regional stakeholders, which called for the dramatic scaling up of climate change adaptation efforts through coordinated and harmonized responses among multiple partners to address climate challenges, ADB saw the need to develop a climate change strategy for the Pacific, which would provide the framework for operationalizing the Pacific CCIP and result in the systematic implementation of climate-adaptive investment projects and technical assistance grants in combination with climate mitigation actions in individual countries and at the regional level.

PRIMEX provided the services of a Climate Change Strategy Development Specialist who:

  • reviewed the recent Climate Change Implementation Plan (CCIP) Report as well as the current Country Partnership Strategies (CPSs), and Country Operational Business Plans (COBPs) for ADB’s Pacific developing member countries (PDMCs);
  • based on the review of the aforementioned documents, identified key climate change issues and programmatic gaps in each of the Pacific countries and recommended possible approaches to integrating climate change actions at a regional level;
  • provided inputs for developing operational linkages of the draft climate change strategy with ongoing and planned climate change interventions and financing sources in the Pacific;
  • assisted the PARD Principal Natural Resource Economist (PNRE) in developing a draft framework for a Pacific-wide climate change program; and
  • assisted the PARD PNRE in the scoping and preparation of a regional technical assistance (RETA) for strengthening cooperation and coordination in preparing and implementing a national climate change implementation plan in the PDMCs.