Program Management, Construction Management, and Capacity Building Consulting Services for the Philippine National Railways (PNR) Capital Improvement Projects

Name of Client:
Philippine National Railways (PNR)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date:  1 August 2015
Completion Date:  January 2017

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The Philippine National Railways, in partnership with Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), launched a rehabilitation program to revive the Bicol Express service. The project aimed to provide quality assurance of the construction by implementing crititical quality controls, programs, and reviews; and to advance and institutionalize PNR's land asset management policies and practices. The project involved Mechanical Inspection works, Civil works, and Structural construction as well as Rolling stock and Locomotive rehabilitation works. It also involved periodic job-site safety reviews and investigations. The reviews pointed out contract plans and specification errors, ommisions, inconsistencies, and assure overall Plan, Specification, and Estimate constructability, operability, and maintainability. This project included: (i) Track Rehabilitation from Alabang to Los Banos Laguna; (ii) Double Tracking from Sucat to Alabang; (iii) Track ballasting for Hondagua Division; (iv) Railway Bridges Repair and Rehabilitation; (v) Restoration of Station Buildings  including platform and passenger shelter improvements; (vi) Repair of six (6) Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs); and (vii) Rehabilitation of Rolling Stock/Locomotives. The project offered a more comfortable movement for the general public as it provided the commuters a better mode of transportation. The rehabilitation enhanced its railway line by incorporating the best practices in railroad engineering through experienced engineers and professionals.

PRIMEX provided the services of four specialists who have prior experience in working within the railroad environment and trained in and familiar with all railroad safety regulations and procedures. They are involved in inspecting or overseeing work performed within the railroad right-of-way. The following specialists are: (i) Land Valuation Specialist, who determined the fair market value of selected PNR properties; (ii) Field Inspector (Civil Works), who oversaw and inspected civil works construction. The civil inspector demonstrated experience in civil work construction oversight and inspection. In general, field construction inspector demonstrated construction engineering experience on railway projects and/or other major Public Works projects inspectiong facilities, safety, features, or activities they are assigned to oversee and was primarily responsible for assuring the work to which they have been assigned is performed in accordance with the requirements of the plans and specifications; (iii) Financial Management Specialist, who took charge of evaluating the financial and business models; and (iv) Legal Expert, who reviewed, recommended, and provided legal principles.