Preparing the Second Secondary Education Sector Development Program (SESDP II) (TA 8698-VIE)

Name of Client:
Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Viet Nam

Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date:  18 June 2015
Completion Date:  31 December 2016

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The PPTA reviewed and assessed the performance of the secondary education subsector in Viet Nam and identified the challenges, which are bottlenecks to inclusive economic growth. It aimed to help develop a sector development program (SDP) suitable for ADB financing in terms of technical, financial, economic, institutional, and safeguard dimensions. The output was a SDP loan, consisting of a policy-based loan and an investment loan, which will help the Government achieve better quality secondary education services by 2025.

PRIMEX provided the services of six specialists in education economics and finance, procurement, education quality assessment and control, gender and ethnic minority, and education policy planning and administration, who are tasked to assist in the (i) review and assessment of the performance of the lower and upper secondary subsectors in Viet Nam; (ii) identification of challenges in upper secondary education; and (iii) design of the proposed program loan and subjecting it to feasibility-level analysis and due diligence. In addition, the PRIMEX Country Representative in Viet Nam is serving as TA Office Manager, with the responsibility of providing administrative, financial, and logistics support to the entire consultant team.