Consulting Services For The Conduct of Feasibility Study of the Philippines Fisheries and Coastal Resiliency (FISHCORE) Project

Name of Client:
Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date:  26 November 2020
Completion Date: February 2022

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The overall goal of the FishCoRe Project is to enhance ecosystem and community resilience in selected fisheries management areas (FMAs). Its project development objective is improved management of fishery resources and enhanced value of fisheries production in coastal communities in selected FMAs. The project also aims to increase incomes of fisherfolk, improve management of coastal fisheries resources, and strengthen fisheries value chains in selected FMAs. It adopted the ecosystem approach to fisheries management to facilitate the transition from the open access nature of fisheries governance to that of ecosystem-based fisheries management. FishCoRe consists of three components, namely Fisheries and Coastal-Resilient Resource Planning and Management (FishCRRM); (Modern and Resilient Livelihood Investments (MARLIN); and Support to Project Implementation and Management (SuPrIM). FishCRRM aims to create the enabling environment for the fisheries resources to flourish and depleted stocks to recover in FMA 6 and FMA 9 via the adoption of a three-pronged strategy. MARLIN will focus on: (i) strengthening key fishery commodity value chains to attract private sector investment; and (ii) reducing postharvest losses to increase the volume of fish and fish products for sale or value addition. SuPrIM aims to organize and operationalize an effective multi-level, interdisciplinary, and institutionalization-oriented project management system. The proposed project will be implemented in FMA 6 and FMA 9 covering 10 regions and 23 provinces. It is proposed to be funded by a $200-million loan from the World Bank.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff within the Assignment:

PRIMEX was commissioned by the BFAR to conduct a feasibility study (FS) of the proposed FishCoRe Project. The key activities of the 14-person FS Consultant Team included the following:

  • Conduct of a rapid situation analysis of the Philippine fisheries sector, with focus on FMAs 6 and 9, with a view towards identifying the key issues and constraints that can be addressed by the proposed project;
  • Development of the logical framework (logframe) for the project, which provide the basis for its detailed design, and the project results framework, and serve as the basis for monitoring of development objectives and project targets;
  • Detailed preparation of the proposed FishCoRe Project, including:
    • Elaboration of the project components, including subcomponents and activities, implementation arrangements, and cost estimates;
    • Identification, selection, and pre-feasibility analysis of indicative infrastructure, enterprise, and livelihood subprojects;
    • Design of implementation arrangements and implementation plan;
    • Preparation of detailed project cost estimates and procurement plan;
    • Analysis of the financial and economic viability of the overall project;
    • Assessment of potential environmental and social impacts of the overall project and preparation of an environmental and social management framework;
  • Preparation of the feasibility study report containing the findings of the various assessments and the recommended design, scope, configuration, cost estimates, and implementation arrangements for the proposed FishCoRe Project;
  • Preparation of the project evaluation forms required by the National Economic and Development Authority-Investment Coordination Committee (NEDA-ICC) for project review; and
  • Preparation of the project Operations Manual including various operational frameworks, a model fisheries ordinance, model FMA framework plan and model fisheries management plan and aquaculture development and management plan, selected livelihood enterprise models, financial management system and procurement, monitoring and evaluation modules, and various TORs, among others.

PRIMEX FS Consultant Team finalized the design of the project in February 2022, in close coordination with BFAR and World Bank, and was submitted to the NEDA-ICC for review and endorsement to the NEDA Board and World Bank for approval.