North Manila Bay Flood Protection Strategy

Name of Client:
Netherlands Enterprise Agency/NEDA


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date:  September 2021
Completion Date:  November 2021

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The project aims to take the next step in the follow-up of the Manila Bay Sustainable Development Masterplan, by developing a pathway towards sustainable water security in the North Manila Bay area that preserved or improved the natural landscape and biodiversity. With this activity, the government of The Netherlands hopes to support the Philippines in making sound, future-proof decisions about flood protection in this region, so that the area will develop with acceptable levels of water security while avoiding further environmental degradation.

It also aims to create the necessary pre-conditions for the future implementation of a building with nature pilot in the North Manila Bay area. For this purpose, a consultant is to organize a stakeholder process with actors at the local, provincial and national levels to develop concrete proposals for types of protection measures, pilot location(s), and a suitable governance structure for a pilot. The consultant was expected to choose a geographical scope for this assignment within the north Manila Bay area and included stakeholders relevant to this scope.

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff within the Assignment:

PRIMEX fielded an Institutional Expert who undertook the assessment of the existing institutional setting (local, regional, national) involved during the previous Manila Bay Sustainable Development Master Plan (MBSDMP) study under NEDA. More specifically, the expert was tasked to: (i) contribute to creating the list of risks associated with the Institutional setting during the Risk Workshop, (ii) attend progress and technical meetings (as required), (iii) report on existing and proposed/recommended institutional arrangement with the description of relevant agencies, organizations, stakeholders and corresponding mandates, roles, and responsibilities. (iv) recommend an institutional setting that will be the most suitable governance structure for the flood protection strategy and in implementing the pilot project(s) and (v) provide maps or graphs of the Institutional layout as part of the report.