Maternal and Child Health Integrated Care Project (MCHICP) (Grant No. G0627-TAJ): Project Implementation and Monitoring and Evaluation Support (PIMES)

Name of Client:
Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population (MOHSPP) of the Republic of Tajikistan


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date:  15 July 2020
Completion Date:  December 2025

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The project will help integrate Maternal Child Health (MCH) services at the primary and secondary levels to deliver better quality of healthcare in three districts with the highest rates of maternal and child mortality. The project will have the following outcome: improved coverage of women and children with quality MCH services in the project districts.

The outputs are: (i) integrated delivery of quality maternal and child care services in project districts improved; (ii) infrastructure and equipment for MCH services in project districts rationalized and improved; and (iii) knowledge of MCH and health-seeking behaviors in project districts improved. The project districts are: Fayzobod, Rasht, and Shamsiddin Shohin.

The PIMES Consultant is providing technical assistance and support to the Project Administration Group (PAG) in two main areas or aspects of project implementation, viz.: (i) development of health care infrastructure in the project districts; and (ii) development and establishment of the project’s M&E system.  Under the first group of tasks, there are two key sub-tasks: (i) procurement of works, goods, and services; and (ii) support in detailed design development, civil works supervision, equipment installation and commissioning, and safeguards monitoring during the design and supervision phases of the project. Under the second key area of support, the tasks focus on project M&E, including development and operationalization of the M&E system, as well as the conduct of baseline and endline surveys and capacity building of PAG staff in M&E.

To provide the necessary technical support to the EA/PAG, the PIMES Consultant Team is grouped into two. The Engineering Sub-team (EST) comprises the following international consultants: (i) Architect/Team Leader for Design Review (IA/TL-DR); (ii) Structural/Civil Engineer (ISCE); (iii) Mechanical Engineer (IME); (iv) Electrical Engineer (IEE); (v) Water Supply/Plumbing Engineer (IWSPE); (vi) Procurement Specialist (IPS); and (vii) international Safeguards Specialist (ISS). On the other hand, the M&E Sub-team (MEST) is composed of the following international and national specialists: (i) international Health Systems and M&E Specialist/Team Leader (IHSMES/TL); (ii) national Health Systems and M&E Specialist/Deputy Team Leader (NHSMES/ DTL); and (iv) three national Data Collection and Analysis Experts (DCAEs). The national Health Systems and M&E Specialist is designated as Deputy Team Leader and serves as Team Leader during periods when the latter is not in the field.