LOAN-3210 FIJ: Transport Infrastructure Investment Sector Project (Formerly Bridge Replacement Project) – FRA/TIISP/20-28 International Social Safeguards and Gender Consultant (Remote) (48141-001)

Name of Client:
Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date: 19 October 2021
Completion Date: April 2022

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

ADB is helping Fiji improve the safety and durability of its land and maritime transport infrastructure. The project will finance civil works to repair and upgrade existing roads, bridges, and rural jetties. A key focus will be on building climate-resilient infrastructure. It will also help strengthen the institutional capacity of central and line agencies.

Engaged by Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) through ADB, PRIMEX provided the services of an International Social Safeguards and Gender Consultant (Remote). Due to current travel restrictions relating to COVID-19, FRA was willing to accept remote working from the consultant’s home country and FRA staff was available in the country to provide information and led in-country stakeholder consultation meetings on the basis of guidance provided by the international consultant.

Specifically, the International Social Safeguards and Gender Specialist include the following: (i) Reviewed project social safeguard requirements: (ii) Prepared/Reviewed and implemented all required social safeguards plans and due diligence reports as per the ESMF and LARF; (iii) Land Acquisition and Resettlement screening and planning; (iv) Reviewed the project’s Gender Action Plan (GAP); (v) Identified, integrated, and monitored social safeguard and GAP implementation milestones; (vi) Produced communication strategy and consultation plan (stakeholder engagement) for the project implementation phase; (vii) Implemented and monitored stakeholder engagement activities (meaningful consultations and information sharing); (viii) Monitored and evaluated social safeguard and gender mainstreaming indicators; (ix) Prepared monitoring reports, including supporting documentation as required by ADB/WB with respect to the implementation of the social safeguards and gender action plan. Provided input to TIISP quarterly reports and progress updates and led the development of the Semi-annual Safeguards Monitoring Report by documenting social safeguards and gender aspects; (x) Provided technical support to the communication and disclosure processes to ensure that it met ADB and WB requirements for effective and timely disclosure; (xi) Provided advice and supported social safeguards and gender perspectives to senior management at policy level and other staff members at the operational level. Developed and amended appropriate policies and advocacy strategies to promote social inclusion and gender equality in all facets of the Authority’s business; (xii) Provided necessary support and training to project staff (including FRA staff, ministries, provincial/district officers, and contractors) on social safeguards and GAP implementation; and (xiii) Carried out any other relevant safeguards related duties as directed by the CEO FRA or his delegated officer.