Formulation of Tourism Infrastructure Development Plans for Transforming Communities towards Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Tourism (TouRIST) Program

Name of Client:
National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date: February 2020
Completion Date:  7 May 2021

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The project/study aimed to identify and prioritize the essential infrastructure for sustainable tourism within the framework of updated or duly formulated Local Tourism Infrastructure Development Plans for the following areas: Siargao Island; Siquijor Island; Coron and El Nido, Palawan; Davao City and Samal Island; and Bohol Island.

PRIMEX has fielded a team of 12 consultants, namely: (i) Team Leader/Urban and Regional Development Expert/Team Leader; (ii) Tourism and Recreation Specialist; (iii) Institutional Development Specialist/Governance Policy Experts (2); (iv) Land Use Planner; (v) Transport Specialist; (vi) Flood Management Specialist: (vii) Water Supply, Sanitation, and Sewerage Expert; (viii) Environment Experts (2); (ix) GIS and Database Specialist; and (x) Communication and Participation Specialist.

Collectively, the Team is expected to deliver the following outputs: (i) updated or duly formulated local tourism infrastructure development plans (master plans); (ii) companion pre-feasibility studies of top priority projects in the identified sites and components of the plan, which shall include an assessment of technical, economic, and financial viability, social and environmental acceptability, and institutional arrangements; and (iii) list of essential local infrastructure for resilient, inclusive and sustainable tourism, with corresponding timing and resource requirements, i.e., investment costs that need to be implemented over for short, medium, and long term.