Feasibility Study For The Kalaanan Irrigation Project (KIP)

Name of Client:
National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Region 3


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date: 18 February 2022
Completion Date: 17 February 2023

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

This feasibility study (FS) will assess the economic and financial viability of the proposed Kalaanan Irrigation Project (KIP) in Digmala River Bongabon, Nueva Ecija. The proposed project will aim to help alleviate poverty incidence in the rural areas in the province of Nueva Ecija given its intended impact of increasing cropping intensity, crop production, and farm income. By irrigating 6,200 hectares (ha) in the municipalities of Bongabon, General Natividad, Rizal, and Laur, where the lack of irrigation facilities hinders agricultural and socioeconomic development and limits productivity levels, the ensuing project will aim to boost agricultural production in the project area and contribute to the rice sufficiency program of the government. The project is also envisaged to improve the standard of living of farmers in the project area, by providing year-round irrigation service from a reservoir-served irrigation system for local farmers to increase production and income – thus improving their living conditions.

PRIMEX fielded eight experts for the conduct of this FS for the KIP, namely the (i) Geologist; (ii) Irrigation and Drainage Engineer; (iii) Soil and Land Classification Specialist; (iv) Economist; (v) Environmental Specialist; (vi) Social Safeguard Specialist/Anthropologist; (vii) Watershed Management Specialist; and (viii) GIS Specialist.

The assignment aims to: (i) undertake value engineering/value analysis in the selection of the best possible implementation, project options, and configurations for the project (including newly available technology that can be used to deliver the project or components of the project); and (ii) conduct feasibility-level engineering designs, various analyses, assessments, and investigations, and cost estimates, among others. Collectively, the Study Team is expected to deliver the following outputs: (i) Inception Report; (ii) Land Resources Report; (iii) Agriculture Report; (iv) Hydrology Report (Water Resources, Irrigation Water Requirement, Reservoir Simulation, Flood Study); (v) Irrigation and Drainage Inventory Report; (vi) Engineering Geological and Geohazard Assessment; (vii) Factual Report on Subsurface Investigation; (viii) Survey Mapping Report, Topographic Maps; (ix) Environmental and Social Assessment Report; (x) Value Engineering/Value Analysis Report; and (xi) Feasibility Study Report.