SC 110478 PHI: Environmental Safeguards Due Diligence on Transport Projects

Name of Client:
Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date:  2 May 2018
Completion Date:  31 December 2018

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

ADB intended to jointly finance with JICA, the rehabilitation and upgrading of the Malolos to Clark Green City (approx.. 20km north of Clark International Airport) to the north of Manila.

PRIMEX fielded the services of an  International Environmental Safeguards Specialist who carried out the following tasks: (i) review the environmental assessment documents and related reports that are readily available (DOTr/JICA’s draft EIA, feasibility study, detailed design, geotechnical studies, etc.); (ii) supplement the baseline data collected during the preparation of the EIA, if necessary, using results of previous studies on air quality, noise, vibration, surface and groundwater quality, groundwater levels and flow directions, soil and sediment quality, cultural heritage, and other aspects that will be affected by the Project. Compare results of environmental ambient measurements and predicted emission levels to the World Bank Group’s Environment, Health and Safety General Guidelines 2007; (iii) assess if planned public consultations is sufficient, to ensure compliance with SPS; (iv) based on the results of the above tasks, assess the draft EIA and the environmental management plan (EMP), which should include cost estimates in accordance with the ADB SPS. The draft EIA should pay particular attention to impact assessment, mitigation and monitoring of (a) geological – e.g., land subsidence, soild and groundwater conditions, and operation risks; (b) management of excavated spoils (dewatering and disposal); (c) air quality; (d) traffic management during construction; (e) cultural, historical and archaeological sites that may be affected by construction and excavation activities; (f) vibration and noise impacts on historical sites, schools, hospitals, residential areas and other sensitive receptors along the alignment, (g) preservation or replacement of green space values; (h) visual amenity; (i) health and safety; (j) solid wastes and wastewater; (k) cumulative impacts of associated transport and development projects, cumulative impacts from further planned development of the project, other sources of similar impacts in the geographical area, any existing project or condition, and other project-related developments that are realistically defined at the time the assessment is undertaken; and (l) indirect and induced impacts of the project, and all other impacts associated with the design, construction and operation of the Project.

Additionally, a general evaluation of the project’s vulnerability to climate change included: (v) identify institutional strengthening requirements along with estimated budget to ensure proper implementation of the EMP; (vi) ensure that the draft EIA conforms to the ADB Safeguards Policy Statement (2009), particularly to the Environmental Safeguards Policy Principles, Policy Delivery Process, environmental assessment requirements specified in Appendix 1 (Safeguards Requirement 1: Environment) and Annex to Appendix 1 (Outline of an EIA Report); (vii) present the results of the EIA study before the Environment Community of Practice of ADB. Presentation shall be undertaken at the ADB Headquarters in Manila; (viii) Check if draft EIA incorporates the comments of ADB and the EA; (ix) prepare the Rapid Environmental Assessment Checklist; and (x) provide inputs to PAM, RRP, and project categorization.