What We Do

PRIMEX extends professional advice and assistance to public and private sector clients in all aspects of the Project Cycle–from project identification, conceptualization, and preparation to detailed engineering design, construction supervision and project management, and project evaluation and impact assessment.

Our services include the following:

  • Project Management

    • Provision of project management consulting services during project implementation, including design and establishment of a project performance management system (PPMS), financial management, procurement and contract management, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
    • Project preparation (pre-feasibility and feasibility studies) and due diligence (financial management assessment, procurement capacity assessment)
  • Review and Evaluation

    • Design and conduct of baseline, midterm, and endline surveys
    • Process evaluation
    • Impact evaluation
    • Project evaluation and performance audit review
    • Project performance review
    • Midterm and project completion review
    • Policy review and analysis
  • Infrastructure

    • Preparation of detailed engineering designs and related documents (technical specifications, bills of quantity, civil works bidding documents)
    • Construction supervision
  • Social and Environmental Safeguards

    • Social and environmental assessment, preparation of social and environmental safeguards, and monitoring of safeguards implementation
    • Gender assessment and development of gender action plans

  • Capacity Development

    • Institutional strengthening and capacity building
    • Design and management of training courses
    • Design, establishment, and operation of computer-based project and financial management systems

  • Communication and Knowledge Management

    • Design and implementation of social marketing, behavior change communication (BCC), and information, education, and communication (IEC) programs
    • Knowledge capture, management, and dissemination
    • Design and development of knowledge products
    • Organization of national and international workshops and conferences
    • Preparation/publication of conference/workshop proceedings