What We Do

PRIMEX offers a wide range of technical and advisory services to international and bilateral development partners, government agencies, and private clients in all stages of the Project Cycle.‚Äč


Project identification and conceptualization

PRIMEX provides technical expertise in the development of the statement of work (SOW), presenting the business case, determining the objectives, determining resource availability and budget for the project.

Project preparation and due diligence

PRIMEX has three decades of experience in the conduct of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, assessing various of financial management schemes for project financing, design of the project’s monitoring framework, conduct of value engineering and value analyses (VEVA), and provision of technical advice in the preparation of procurement guidelines for various project structures.

Project management

The company has led various small to large-scale loan implementation projects in many sectors. PRIMEX has deployed consultant teams to mobilize project management offices across the globe to plan, implement, monitor, and conclude projects in close coordination with the client and funding agency.

Preparation of detailed engineering designs

During this stage, PRIMEX is involved in the detailed planning of engineering designs which includes preparation of technical specifications, bill of quantities and detailed cost estimates, procurement documents, and social and environmental compliance certificates to ensure that construction will environmentally safe and socially accepted.

Construction Supervision

PRIMEX supervises teams of workers at the construction site and led in the planning, scheduling, monitoring and reporting of work progress, and quality assured the procurement of supplies and equipment for timely completion of the project.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

The company’s ability to formulate realistic and effective design and monitoring frameworks (DMFs) are essential in the conduct of performance evaluation of projects. PRIMEX also has extensive experience in conducting project performance reviews, and project midterm and completion reviews. PRIMEX also has an excellent track record in providing institutional and policy reviews, ex-ante, and post-evaluations.


PRIMEX mobilizes consultant teams which creates survey instruments to effectively gather data for the conduct of baseline, midterm, and end line surveys. Both qualitative and quantitative data are gathered and validated to produce evidence-based findings and recommendations.

Social and environmental assessment

The company adheres to the principles of social and environment protection and sustainability. PRIMEX has led in the drafting of gender and social action plans, and environmental impact statements and ensured that these are included in the project planning process.

Communication and knowledge management (KM)

PRIMEX is involved in projects which involve design and implementation of social marketing, behavior change communication (BCC), and information, education, and communication (IEC) programs, knowledge capture, management, dissemination, and design and development of knowledge products.

Policy review and analysis

PRIMEX identifies potential policy options that could address the client’s problem, comparing it with options to choose the most effective, efficient, and feasible solutions.

Capacity building

The company has trained thousands of project stakeholders over three decades of operation. PRIMEX is deeply involved in various institutional strengthening and capacity building activities in all stages — from conduct of training needs assessments to design and management of training courses.

Conduct of workshops and conferences

PRIMEX is a champion of the participatory approach in project planning and implementation. Over 30 years, the company has organized hundreds of national and international workshops and conferences and prepared/published conference/workshop proceedings. These workshops and conferences are crucial and serves as venues for engaging all project stakeholders to the decision-making process.