PRIMEX provides a full range of services to both public and private sector clients in the different stages of the Project Cycle. PRIMEX extends professional advice and assistance to international organizations, government, and private clients in all aspects of the Project Cycle – from project conceptualization and identification to detailed planning, and design to project management and ex-post evaluation. Moreover, the Company provides advisory technical assistance to clients in policy review and analysis, organizational review and assessment and restructuring, institutional strengthening and capacity building, design and conduct of training courses and organization of national and international workshops and conferences, and the design, installation, and operation of management information systems. These services are rendered in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture and rural development, including irrigation, fisheries, and aquaculture;
  • Integrated water resources management;
  • Coastal and marine resource management;
  • Forestry and sustainable watershed management;
  • Environment and climate change;
  • Health, education, and social services;
  • Urban and infrastructure development; and
  • Credit and finance.