Irrigation and Water Resources Management

Sector Experience

 In addition to its project management experience, PRIMEX has a wealth of experience in the irrigation and water resource management sector, with engagements ranging from project preparation to project implementation, midterm or project completion review, and post-performance audit, and covering most of the 29 countries where its services have been engaged by ADB and other agencies. PRIMEX has also been providing technical assistance to government executing and/or implementing agencies in the implementation of their loan-funded projects in irrigation, agriculture, and rural development in the Philippines and other countries in the region.

Selected Projects

The Concept Design for Surface Water Development in Select Rivers in the PhilippinesPhilippinesMarch 2019 - April 2019NEDA
Preparation of Concept Designs for Water Supply and Sanitation for Non-Operational Water DistrictsPhilippinesMarch 2019 - April 2019NEDA
Feasibility Study for the Zamboanga City Impounding Dam ProjectPhilippinesJanuary 2019 - April 2019NEDA
Review of Detailed Engineering Design, and Construction Management/SuperVision of the New Centennial Water Resource – Kaliwa Dam ProjectPhilippinesNovember 2018 - April 2019MWSS
Preparing the Water Efficiency Improvement in Drought Affected ProvincesViet NamNovember 2016 - November 2017ADBTA 9147
Feasibility Study of the Proposed Tibangran Small Reservoir Irrigation ProjectPhilippinesMarch 2016 - October 2016NEDA
Feasibility Study of the Ilocos Sur Irrigation Project (Ilocos Sur Transbasin Project and Upper Banaoang Irrigation Project)PhilippinesSeptember 2015 - presentNIAContract No. R1-ISIMO-15-08-141
Water Resources Management Sector Development Program/ProjectCambodiaMarch 2012 - June 2019MOWRAMLOAN 2672
Water Resources Management Sector Development Project (WRMSDP)CambodiaMarch 2012-March 2017ADB/MOWRAMLoan No. 2672-CAM [SF]
Irrigation System Operation Efficiency Improvement ProjectPhilippinesApril 2009-July 2011ADBTA 7141-PHI
Southern Philippines Irrigation Sector ProjectPhilippinesAugust 2000-December 2009ADB/NIALoan 1668-PHI
Qingdao Water Resources Management ProjectChinaJune 2007-June 2008ADBTA 4967-PRC
Tonle Sap Poverty Reduction and Smallholder Development ProjectCambodiaAugust-December 2008ADBTA 7307-CAM
Tonle Sap Lowland Stabilization Project (TSLSSP)CambodiaAugust-September 2007ADBTA 4756-CAM
Orissa Integrated Irrigated Agriculture and Water Management ProjectIndiaNovember 2006-May 2007ADBTA 4815- IND
Second Irrigation Systems Improvement Project (ISIP-II)Philippines June 1997-October 2004ADB Loan 1365/1366-SF
Special Assistance for Project Sustainability (SAPS) of the Completed Small Water Impounding ManagementPhilippinesJanuary-October 2002JBIC/DPWH
Second River Basin Water Resources Sector Project: Pre-Loan and Loan Fact-Finding MissionsViet NamNovember-December 1999 and February-March 2000ADBLoan 1855-VIE
Buldon River Irrigation ProjectPhilippinesNEDA