Regional Cooperation on Knowledge Management, Policy, and Institutional Support to the Coral Triangle Initiative (TA 7307-REG)

Name of Client:
Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor Leste

Length of Consultancy Assignment:
Start Date:  5 May 2010
Completion Date: July 2013

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) is a six-country program of regional cooperation to sustainably manage coastal and marine resources in the Coral Triangle (CT) region.

This regional policy and advisory TA aims to strengthen regional policy dialogue and coordination among national governments and regional entities, in relation to cross-border issues directly affecting the sustainability of the six CT countries’ economy, environment, and measures for good governance in the use and management of the natural resources of the CT. It is envisaged to link ADB’s Southeast Asian and Pacific CTI activities and facilitate CTI-wide information exchange and learning, including program management and coordination support, to encourage policy and program development based on scientific knowledge, global best practices, and participatory processes involving the CT6 countries and the CTI DPs. Its intended impact is strengthened management of coastal and marine ecosystems in the CT, and its expected outcome is strengthened cooperation among the CT6 countries and the establishment of policies, institutions, and associated investments to realize the sustainable management of CT coastal and marine ecosystems.

The four main outputs of the TA will be: (i) strengthened CTI regional cooperation, (ii) establishment of regional learning mechanisms, (iii) implementation of a communication and information dissemination plan, and (iv) establishment of sustainable financing schemes. The TA links the TA outputs for the use of economic values for climate change impacts into vulnerability assessment guidelines. The proposed case studies and resultant policy, institutional, and knowledge management guidelines for each country, while enabling a cross-country comparison, will inform a set of CTI regional guidelines. The TA also supports the demonstration of the use of science outputs in the development of knowledge products and the building of regional capacity for science-based knowledge products and their dissemination.

PRIMEX provided the services of a team of international and national consultants to assist ADB in implementing the regional policy and advisory technical assistance (TA). The PRIMEX consultants include the following: Team Leader/ Environment Economics and PES Specialist, Marine Scientist, Knowledge Management and Communication Specialist, Decision Support System Specialist, IT Specialist, Web Writer, and Documentation Specialist, Data Programmer, and Research Assistant. The Team serves as Technical Adviser to the CT6 focal agencies and national coordination committees (NCCs) and the CTI Regional Secretariat (R-SEC), and as Project Manager on behalf of ADB, the Executing Agency (EA).

As Technical Adviser, PRIMEX technical specialists collaborate closely with their designated counterparts in each CT6 country to produce the TA’s expected outputs with focus on knowledge management/ communication and policy/institutional support in three technical subject matter areas, namely: (i) sustainable finance; (ii) economic studies in support of policy and sustainable financing, including payment for ecosystem services (PES), coastal resource valuation, and economics of climate change; and (iii) the preparation of six national and one regional State of the Coral Triangle Report (SCTR). Among the outputs of the Team are training and information materials focusing on climate change impacts in the coastal areas, with a focus on coastal dwellers, their assets and livelihood, fisheries, and other coastal ecosystems, based on vulnerability assessments and climate change adaptation training modules already developed by ADB USAID, and other international and regional organizations. As Project Manager, PRIMEX set up a suitably staffed and equipped project management office (PMO) within its offices in Manila, where staff manage the day-to-day implementation of the TA and provide the Team Leader and the technical specialists with the necessary administrative and logistics support to enable timely, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of the services